UONAA and the University Act 2012

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The role of the Alumni Associations in public and private universities has been recognized in the new Universities Act, 2012. The new Act according to article 42 (1&2) outlines that: “A University may establish an Alumni Association which may consist of graduates of the University and such other persons as may be declared to be members under the charter…. The Alumni Association shall act as an interactive forum for the members specified and shall perform such other functions as may be specified in the charter”.

The Act further states in Article 38 (Schedule 2) that “the names of the five applicants deemed by the Senate to be most suitable for ranking as Chancellor shall be circulated among the alumni of the public university, who shall be requested to rank the applicants in order of preference” .



1)      Develop alumni programmes that promote effective networks amongst its members.

2)      Promote academic, physical, moral and spiritual growth of members of the University

3)      To assist the University in the growth and advancement of its social-cultural and co-curricular activities

4)      Authorise, promote and assist in the formation of local and international chapters

5)      Enhance the involvement of the University in community service

6)      Make recommendations of those who can play leadership roles at the University

7)      To initiate, organize and coordinate fundraising activities for the University

8)      To assist the University to initiate, organize and sustain programmes e.g.

·         Outstanding Achievement Award

·         Distinguished Service Senior Alumnus

·         Distinguished Service Youth Alumnus Award



1)      All persons who have successfully completed their studies at the University

2)      Full time permanent stuff members who are not former University students and have obtained degrees from other recognized institutions

3)      Persons granted honorary degrees by the University



Alumni Association means the organization of the alumni where the persons mentioned above shall be eligible for full membership registration upon payment of the prescribed fee.



The chancellor shall be appointed in the accordance with the provisions of the ACT No.38 (1)

Every university shall have a chancellor, who shall be appointed

a)      In the case of a public University by the President in accordance with the procedure set out in the second schedule


Sec. Schedule

Procedure for the appointment of the chancellor of a public university

1)      Where a vacancy occurs in the office of the chancellor o0f a public university the senate of the university shall, in consultation with the respective alumni association,  identify suitable persons for the appointment

2)      All names submitted under paragraph 1 shall be vetted by the senate in accordance with the procedure set out in the charter, and the senate shall propose 5names of persons deemed to be qualified under the provisions of this ACT for purposes of ranking by the alumni association

3)      The names of the 5 applicants  deemed by the senate to be most suitable for ranking as chancellor shall be circulated among the alumni of the public university who shall be requested to rank the applicants in order of preference

4)      The senate shall forward the names of the top 3 applicants respectively ranked by the alumni association to the cabinet secretary for onward transmission to the President, who shall pick one of the persons so ranked for appointment as chancellor

5)      The appointment of the chancellor by the President shall notice published in the Gazette


No. 38(2)

The chancellor of a public university shall hold office for a term of 5years and shall be eligible for re-appointment for one further term


a.      Shall be titular head of the university and shall in the name of the university confer degrees and grant diplomas, certificates and other awards of the university

                                                              i.      May time to time recommend to the cabinet secretary

                                                            ii.      May from time to time give to the council which the chancellor considers necessary for betterment of the university

b.      Shall enjoy such powers and privileges and perform such other functions as maybe provided in the charter


A person shall only be appointed as a chancellor where the person is a person of high moral charter and integrity in accordance with chapter 6 of the constitution


No. 76(1)

Any person who immediately before this ACT is a chancellor of a public university, vice-chancellor, principal of a constituent college of public university shall remain in office for the remaining period of his/her term of office. All councils of public university in existence immediately before the commencement of this ACT shall remain in office for a period not exceeding six months after which new councils shall be appointed under this ACT.











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