University of Nairobi

Seminar: Response of bird functional diversity to forest product harvesting in the Eastern Cape, South Africa

BY: Prof. Michael Cherry, Stellenbosch University



TIME: 2:00 PM

Michael Cherry is a professor of zoology at Stellenbosch University, a Fellow of the African Academy of Sciences and a past editor of the South African Journal of Science. Most of his research has been focused on the evolution of animal signals.  In particular, he has worked on both visual and acoustic signals used in sexual selection; on the role of egg coloration in the co-evolution between avian brood parasites and their hosts; and on the evolution of sexual size dimorphism in anurans. For the last three years he has been PI on a multidisciplinary project aimed at investigating the effects of habitat fragmentation on the biodiversity of faunal populations in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, where just under half of the country’s remaining indigenous forests are located.  This project has encompassed alpha taxonomy and population genetics; as well studying the interaction between harvesting of forest products and avian and mammal diversity. He is currently working on a proposal on the interaction between changing land-use patterns and climate change in Afromontane forests.


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