[2005-2007] UoN Alumni Association Chapter History

Amos Kimunya, Former Minister of Finance, who presided over the launch of the MBA Chapter being presented with a gift by John Simba, the then Chairman of University Council.


The Chapters continue to be the key pillars for meeting the goals of the University of Nairobi Alumni Association (UONAA), and strengthening the links between Alumni and their Alma Mater. Since February 5, 2005, When the Association was founded, a total of 17 Chapters have been launched. The Chapters have been critical in the recruitment of more members besides other activities carried out by the core organization. In this history review, we assess some strides made by the Chapters towards the realization of UONAA’s mission.

Range Management Chapter

The Range Management Alumni Chapter was launched in 2006. As the first Chapter launched, Range Management supplements the activities of the umbrella Association by providing a forum through which Alumni participate in the promotion of an active and visible leadership role in the community, fostering interaction among the members, the University, students, communities and industry.

Journalism Chapter

The School of Journalism and Mass Communication Alumni Chapter was launched in June 2006. The chapter is working towards establishing a scholarship fund for outstanding students in Journalism & Mass Communication at the University.

MBA Chapter

Since its formation in 2007, the MBA Chapter has been a useful forum for establishing linkages with MBA graduates who are managing diverse enterprises and meeting the needs of Kenya’s growing economy. The MBA Chapter has also facilitated internships for students of business; enhancing interaction between the business community and universities through internship programmes that provide the required fusion between theory & practice for students pursuing business studies.

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