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The SM Otieno Play by UoN Faculty of Law – Casefiles Theater Production

With the endeavor of promoting a culture of quality, educative and commercial theatre productions in the University of Nairobi, we would like to request you to join UoN Faculty of Law as they perform the play ‘The Cursetomary’; the story of SM Otieno 1986 with 5 flexible shows (December 3rd Fri at 4pm, 4th Sat at 3pm & 6pm and 5th Sun at 3pm & 6pm) in Taifa Hall, University of Nairobi to choose from.

The theme of the play being ‘Promoting cultural diversity and social integration through Performing Arts’, the Famous SM Otieno Case tells the story of the court battle between the widow and the blood family of the late criminal lawyer SM Otieno on where his body should be buried as it continues to rest in the City mortuary for almost a year under high security vigilance. The widow Virginia Edith Wambui Otieno claimed that the lawyer’s wish was to be buried in Upper Matasia, their matrimonial home but the villagers from Nyalgunga claim that he has to be buried in his home village as per the customs of the land.

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