1. Visit Website Homepage and Select “Become a Member” then follow the outlined steps.

2. Click the following link: Click Here

The persons who register benefit enormously by staying connected to the Association through:

Networking opportunities for professional development

Access to the University Library.

Participation in the Governance of the University and the Association.

Regular updates through Alumni Newsletters and SMS/Email alerts.

Recognition through Distinguished Leadership Awards.

UoN Alumni Card. *

Certificate of Membership. *

UoN Alumni Lapel badge. *

Participation in ranking of the Chancellor.

N/B: Starred (*) benefits are only applicable to Life Membership

These a the distinct membership groupings as per the members preference which are determined by the amount of fee paid by the member. Members can also upgrade the status within or without the given provisions.

  • Gold Membership – ksh. 100,000 (1000 USD)
  • Silver Membership – ksh. 50,000 (500 USD)
  • Bronze Membership – ksh. 25,000 (250 USD)
  • Honorary Membership – ksh 3,000 (30 USD)
  • Annual Membership – ksh 2,000 (20 USD)


To safeguard the best interests of its members, to use the talents and resources of the Alumni and friends of the University to support the University in achieving international distinction in quality teaching, research and service.


To be a leader in promoting active, visible leadership in the community and to foster interaction between alumni and the students of the University of Nairobi and the Industry.

Category: Membership

The following shall be eligible for membership upon payment of the prescribed fee:

All persons who have successfully completed their studies at the University of Nairobi.

Persons granted honorary degrees by the University of Nairobi.

Full time permanent staff members who are not former University of Nairobi students of the and who obtained degrees from other recognized Universities.

Chancellor of the University of Nairobi.Members of the University Council.

Persons or corporate of goodwill who would like to partner with the Alumni Association of the University of Nairobi in advancing the goals of the Association or the University at large. Such include but not limited to:

Individuals of Goodwill

Philanthropists & Foundations

Government Institutions

Private Corporations

Multinational Corporations

Bilateral and Multilateral Agencies

Universities (Local and Foreign)

International Organizations

Other (Specify)